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Flag Retirement Ceremony

Yesterday we had the honor of attending a Flag Retirement Ceremony hosted by Grace Kotalik, a Life Scout & Gold Star Sister to SPC Jarrett N. Kotalik - US Army.

Grace, a student at Deretchin Elementary, has created four wooden receptacle boxes where the public can donate old and retired flags until they can be properly disposed.

She dedicated the four boxes to fallen soldiers of Montgomery County, including her brother. Each box features information about the fallen soldier and the pictures depict things that were important to them in their life. (To read more: Click Here)

The Ceremony was held at Camp Strake in Coldspring, TX and several Gold Star Families and friends were invited. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by other families who understand what it means to hear our heroes name. Each Gold Star Family was presented a worn flag, their hero's legacy was shared, then the flag was retired.

Several scouts of all ages participated in retiring the flags and it was beautiful to see the next generation learning about the symbol of our county... of our freedoms.

Our Matthew would have been so humbled to have been recognized with such honor.

Thank you, to the Kotalik family, for this display of love and honor.

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